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Top 5 Promotional Items

Got a big event coming up? While you can’t go wrong with pens, here are a few more options grab your guest’s attention.

Coffee Mug or Travel Tumbler
Coffee mugs are a classic promotional item. If you target audience is always on the move, opt for a travel tumbler so they can keep their drinks hot longer. There are a variety of styles to chose from for your next event.

Whiskey Stones
Want to leave a lasting impression on a potential client? Whiskey stones are a unique promotional item that is sure to make a splash

Golf Ball Marker
Since so many business deals start at the golf course, why not give your client something to remember you by on the green? A well-constructed ball marker is certain to impress.

You can’t go wrong with a cool koozie. You can keep it simple with just the logo or do a fun print, there are even reversible options, so you get the best of both. These are guaranteed to be a hit at your next event!

Tote Bag
A great tote bag is perfect for carrying around all your tradeshow materials. A sturdy, high quality bag always comes in handy.

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