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Top 4 Reasons Your Business Should be Making Data-Driven Marketing Decisions

In today’s increasingly digital-focused world, there are an overwhelming number of marketing tactics to consider for your business. However, wading through the options to determine which will work can sometimes prove to be a fruitless venture if you are not armed with the research and numbers to inform your decisions. That is why it is imperative to utilize data to gain insights into what your customers want and tailor your marketing processes and strategies based on your findings. Let’s take a deeper look at kicking off your data-gathering journey.

  1. Determining Patterns

One of the greatest advantages of embracing a data-driven approach is having a wealth of information in your database that you can use to determine actionable insights about prospects or customers. Once you begin to closely track your marketing efforts, you will start recognizing patterns based on what is working and what isn’t. You will be able to identify those trends specific to your efforts and respond with strategic adjustments to optimize results.

With such powerful insights, you’ll know what to expect from the market and how to adjust your strategies accordingly.

2. Limiting Guesswork

When you have solid analytics to drive new ideas, you are able to remove some of the human bias that goes into strategy. Data-driven decisions will make your organization more effective and efficient in terms of time spent on strategy as well as dollars spent testing new tactics. While A/B testing will always be necessary and valuable, you can continually refine your strategy as more data is acquired throughout the duration of your campaigns.

As campaign-specific data will take time to populate, compile existing market research to help reduce the guesswork in kicking off a new campaign. 

3. Increasing Customer Engagement

A strong brand presence is also developed through strategic social media efforts. However, social media doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all approach. There are countless reporting tools available that aggregate data into reports that allow you to better cater to different segments of your audience. Using data collected over time you will be able to find insights in your reporting that will drive a number of decisions with social media, such as type of content that best engages with your audience and optimal posting times for best visibility.

Social media data analysis will lead to more meaningful engagement with your current and potential customer base.

4. Supporting Multi-Channel Campaigns

By building your campaign on a foundation of proven data, you can strengthen your multi-channel efforts. Implementing automated marketing campaigns allows you to share ads across Facebook, Google and other channels and guarantee that your message is relevant, valuable, and consistent.

Again, gathering and implementing data ensures your message reaches the right people at the optimal time and place.

Analytics provide you the map to better navigate your target audience and their decision-making preferences. Looking to streamline your campaign strategy and grow your business utilizing data? Give us a call at 713.458.1690 or shoot us a note at info@rmhmarketing.com.