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Russell & Smith

russell-smith-logoRussell & Smith, a group of auto dealerships, has been a part of the Houston community for over 75 years. With three dealer locations, a collision center, and a nationwide parts warehouse, employees work in a wide range of positions and environments. Unifying the company’s culture was the clear next step in growing this business which has been a staple of the city for years.

Evaluation – What are we looking for? – What’s your situation?

Maintaining a positive work environment for all of your employees isn’t always easy, but it makes the difference many companies are looking for. When people feel supported and happy, they are motivated to perform better. Russell & Smith, an auto dealership located in Houston for over 75 years, recognized this and came to RMH for help.

Position – What did we find? – What’s the best solution?

After numerous employee interviews and brainstorm sessions to figure out how employees were currently feeling, RMH decided to create an internal branding campaign. The campaign would include Core Beliefs that help highlight what Russell & Smith finds important and therefore makes them different from other auto dealers here in Houston.

Create – How can we show you? – Let’s make it!

From the research and interviews conducted, RMH created an internal branding campaign including seven new Russell & Smith Core Beliefs from “Seize the Day” and “Suggest with a Solution” to “Roll up your Sleeves” and “Lead with Humble Pride.” All of which spoke back to both the way Russell & Smith does business and to the environment they wish to maintain.

Communicate – How can we show the world? – Shout it out!

RMH organized and managed a two week roll out event for all staff members to attend, introducing these new Core Beliefs. Groups of Russell & Smith staff members filed into a decorated meeting room, including new wall decals with their Core Beliefs. Snacks and drinks were provided as they watched a light hearted video RMH produced and filmed to showcase each new Core Belief, starring Russell & Smith’s President, Chase Smith. Afterwards, all employees were encouraged to sign bulletin boards with the Core Beliefs as their promise to embrace this new “Believe” culture.

Evaluation – The Results

Keeping the morale going, the Russell & Smith Core Beliefs have been intertwined into regular internal meetings including a monthly Core Belief social where the General Manager highlights one of the seven Core Beliefs, along with an employee who has exemplified that particular Core Belief. In addition, employees have taken it upon themselves to embrace this new “Believe” culture by having Core Beliefs posters printed and framed, saving the Core Beliefs artwork as desktop and phone wallpaper, and printing personal pocket sized cards to carry the Core Beliefs with them. Employees have been reenergized and excited to “Be the Change.”