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Auto Financial Group

auto-financial-group-logoAuto Financial Group, a Houston-based provider of residual based financing and remarketing software solutions for financial institutions and dealers, needed to solve a problem: How do you explain an industry-specific solution in terms that anyone can understand? Though the company’s balloon lending software program was a hit with many users, an upcoming conference appearance presented AFG with the opportunity to win over new users.

Evaluation – What are we looking for? – What’s your situation?

AFG’s products are wholly unique in their respective industry. Highlighting the strength of the product, the results it can bring, and the ease of use of the software were of utmost importance in presenting at the conference. The message would need to be strong, concise, and sales-driven. After a series of strategic meetings between AFG and RMH, a solution was found.

Position – What did we find? – What’s the best solution?

A high-quality, step-by-step video explaining the key points of AFG’s product was agreed upon as the best choice to get the job done. The video would highlight 5 easy to remember reasons on why AFG was the top choice in the industry, and provide steps to start prospective customers on their journey with AFG. This message would be told through creative animation and witty narration to help the message stick.

Create – How can we show you? – Let’s make it!

Taking the message from page to screen, our team of designers and videographers built a world of fun characters, light libations, and smart symbols that would drive the message home for conference attendees. The finished project was bright, colorful, and above all an excellent tool for communicating the often difficult to explain solution to the public.

Communicate – How can we show the world? – Shout it out!

The video was the centerpiece of AFG’s participation at the conference. Through it, AFG representatives were able to share more information with conference attendees about their products. After viewing the video, attendees were invited to talk with AFG reps, and leave their email addresses to follow up with more information after the close of the conference.

Evaluation – The Results

After the conference, AFG found themselves with over 50 new potential clients as a direct result of the video’s impact at the event. A follow-up eblast featuring the video and more information about AFG’s products was sent to the prospective clients a week after the event.

Following the well-received showing at the initial conference, AFG began showcasing the video at events around the country. The audience grew, as did the prospective client list. Since that time, the video has become the key branding piece in advertising AFG’s Balloon Lending software, and is now housed on the homepage of the company’s website. RMH continues to partner with AFG, and recently began expanding the brand of AFG’s other key product, AFG Remarketing.