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Make a Splash on Social Media

Unless your organization has the following and mystique of a celebrity like Beyoncé, it probably feels like you will never see the social media engagement you hope for. It’s to no benefit that social platforms are regularly developing creative ways for an organization’s organic posts not to appear on a consumer’s news feed. Facebook’s recent algorithm update is designed to “shift ranking to make News Feed more about connecting with people and less about consuming media in isolation.” This change results in more friends and family updates on your feeds and less content from the pages we follow. Regardless of the hurdles faced, below are three tips that can help an organization gain traction on social media.

Tell a Story

Focus on developing social media content that provides more to a consumer than just information on a product or service. According to the Pew Research Center, the millennial generation is expected to overtake baby boomers in population in 2019. This generation has developed a massive amount of buying power making the group a target for many brands. However, brands are learning that reaching millennials requires a different marketing strategy than used with previous generations.

The extremely connected millennial demographic wants to interact with brands they know and trust, encouraging brands to create authentic relationships through storytelling. Direct selling is the fastest way to lose today’s consumers. Instead, share the stories of community, philanthropy, company values, and the people that make your organization great. Sell a feeling, not a product. As you plan your content calendar, strive to utilize engaging photography, video, and creative messaging that will build a connection with followers.

This video created by Dove for Father’s Day is an excellent example:

The video doesn’t sell soap, but was successful in selling the brand and connected with almost 3 million people.

Create More Videos  

Video is estimated to make up 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019 and is the best way to engage your followers’ attention.

Stay updated on video trends. Thanks to video-driven platforms like Snapchat, the vertical video is gaining popularity.  Ninety-four percent of people hold their phones upright when capturing content on their smartphones, and almost all social media consumption happens on mobile devices. When creating a video, think about how your followers want to consume content. Requiring followers to turn their phone to watch your video is an easy way to get overlooked.

Join the Conversation

Facebook’s recent algorithm change is focused on driving meaningful connections. A brand’s interaction with their followers on social media remains an important way to show personality and give your brand a human element. Additionally, creating two-way conversations with followers is one of the best ways to counteract the algorithm. Captivating videos are great, but if the video doesn’t encourage followers to interact with the content, then the video will not be as fruitful as planned. By becoming an active member in the conversation, you not only show that you’re listening to your followers, but the traffic you help create makes the content relevant.

For example, Wendy’s witty and daring social media interaction is unmatched and drives an unbelievable amount of traffic to their social media pages. A few other great examples include Sharpie, Charmin, and Moon Pie.

To make a splash on social media, tell compelling stories, create engaging videos, and join the conversations. But most importantly, have fun with your social media efforts! Aim to create content that you would be interested in and develop a brand that you would enjoy following.

-Hannah B., Account Manager