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Keeping a Pulse on Employee Morale

What are you doing to boost employee morale? Employee morale is the general attitude your employees have when they’re at work, and as an employer, you play a big role in whether this is positive or negative. If employee morale is generally down, this can negatively impact your bottom line and sometimes even prevent you from reaching your company goals. However, positive employee morale helps strengthen your company through lower turnover, higher productivity, increased profitability, and strengthened loyalty. So, how can you increase and measure the overall attitude your employees have at work?

To help manage employee morale, there are several things you can focus on. To start, it is important to show your appreciation. Try to make it a habit to acknowledge your employees on their successes. Celebrate them and their achievements when they do something that aligns with your company’s goals. Let them know that you will promote from within to reward strong work ethic. Remind them that they are your company’s most valuable asset and resource!

To keep a pulse on your company’s overall employee morale, begin by setting benchmarks for each year. What is your current employee turnover and what is your goal for the coming years? Have you noticed any seasonal differences that may be affecting turnover? Have something to work towards so you can track your efforts.

Once your benchmarks are set, you can create employee surveys. Come up with a list of questions covering your employees’ understanding and connection to your company goals, their commitment to co-workers, and if they have the right capabilities. Then, select a survey platform where employees can anonymously submit their responses to your questions. Email out the link and make an announcement in your next internal meeting. You can send this survey out every year to track how the responses change.

Lastly, you can set up employee performance reviews. This allows your employee to get direct feedback from their manager and for managers to better understand the specific needs of each employee. By maintaining these reviews, employees are held accountable and feel like they have a purpose they are working towards.

Above all, employees need a future vision, a sense of purpose, and great relationships. By making positive employee morale a priority, you will not only have a better work culture, but also see a difference in your company’s growth moving forward!

-Lynne Marie H., Account Coordinator