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Creative Teams: Turning the Intangible into the Extraordinary
Christine Wolf, Account Director at RMH Marketing & Media
  We all have great ideas.  We’ve each had that moment when we see a new invention, slap our forehead and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”. The challenge lays in taking the ethereal concept floating around your brain and creating something that can be seen, touched, heard or felt. The space between concept and completion is where creative teams thrive. But how do they accomplish their work? How do they get past the often-overwhelming path between an idea and a finished product? Most creative teams begin with brainstorming, whether alone or in a group setting. The key to successful brainstorming is creating a safe space where no idea is a stupid one and everyone’s input is welcome. This may sound like a prescription for disaster – a “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario perhaps – but surprisingly, it works! When brainstorming alone, it’s helpful to ask yourself “what’s the craziest idea I can come up with for this client?”, then don’t be afraid to answer. There’s your starting point!  From that answer, you will find the process of refining the idea much easier because you didn’t get lost in the “Where do I even start?” conundrum. Brainstorming in groups is always fun and never boring. The energy of the group frequently drives additional ideas and it’s very common to see group members build on the foundation of a colleague’s initial proposal. Here at RMH Marketing & Media, we often use our regular “Coffee Talk” internal meetings to brainstorm creative concepts for clients (and yes, we do it with the same colloquial accent as Mike Myers’ character on SNL!). We each bring our individual personalities to the circle, and, when combined with in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs and wants, we typically hit it out of the park. For a creative person, there is nothing that matches the good feeling of having a client fall in love with your idea, whether it’s for an advertising graphic, a web page redesign, or a simple trade show banner. Believe that you are creative, and you will create. Look around you. On your way to work. As you walk the dog. Sitting in the cheering section of your daughter’s soccer game. That building, that sign, the flow of the landscaping …. someone had a single idea that started each of them. That someone can be you.  
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